Seperation of Kizzuwatna From Hittit Kingdom 1560-1530 BC

In time of their king Kizzuvatna, people revolted against Hittites. They got freedom from Hittit dominance. But the Seha River Country had to kneel to Hittit Kingdom.

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Pillage of the Hittites on Arzawan Union and Kizzuwatna 1640-1600 BC

Kings of Hittites attacked lands of Arzawa many times. Hattushili I. enslaved the people who surrendered and he took theşr lambs and cows. Even-though he befriended Wilusa (Ilyasa) and Kalakka, he could not made Arzawa Minor kneel for him. Murshili the first invaded Kizzuwatna and forced them to join Hittit kingdom.

Copper-Tin Road 1800s BC

To make bronze, tin was traded from Assur; and copper from Alasiya (Cyprus) and Anatolia. Writings says merchats from Ura and Zallara brought and stocked slaves, wheat, wine, pots, cows, lambs, asses, silver, gold, iron, copper, bronze, tin, lapuslazuli, babel stone, mountain crystals to trade in the age. They sold these goods in the country […]

Founding of Arzawan Union 1850s BC

With the advancing of trading and the attacks of the surrounding tribes, Arzawa Minor, Hapalla, Mira-Kuwaliya, Seha River Country, Wilusa decided to form a loosened federation named “Arzawan Union” Union was led by the king of the most powerful country, “Speaker King, Zippasla-Harriyathi country and the Siyanta River Country (which was invaded by them) joint […]

Building Kingdoms of Arzava, Wilusa, Kalakka, Arimma and Taruisa 2200-1900 BC

Lands of Mersin’s habitants which are Luwiai Hittit, Sami and Hurria nations developed their trading relationships with Akhad and Egyptians. They were selling wheat, wool and raw silver which are mined from Bolkar mountain. They were getting obsidian, pottery, copper, bronze and silver goods. Additionally they were taking tools from the passing Assurian merchants. Tarusia […]

How to get to Silifke?

This page is about how to get to Silifke. By this map, you can see the road map to Silifke. Please check it on map on this page. You can see all places in this map. Please feel free to ask your own questions on this page.

City Republics and Languages of Mersin

After 4000-3500 B.C., settlements such as Mersin Yumuktepe and Saliya (Soloi), Tarsus-Gözlükale and Mut-Kisetepe became important trade centers of Egypt-Middle East-Cyprus and Anatolia-Eagean region. Thanks to these relationships, people who are warriors because of the steepness of the region learnt “piracy” which can be said sea fighting. There were small tribes on West site of […]

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